Eat These 3 Delicious Moroccan Foods Daily to Destroy the Herpes Virus Within Days


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Real Customer Testimonial

Kashka S. 38

Colorado, United States

My health was horrible before I decided to try the Protocol. I felt there was no hope for my health and I was doubtful to try the Protocol thinking it wouldn’t work. However, I was convinced to try it because I wanted to get rid of herpes. It is really quick and easy to take, and since trying it I have less outbreaks.

My husband and I are very healthy people and always want to learn how to improve. It was embarrassing for me when I’d have an outbreak. I’d try everything to cover the hideous sore around my lips. The outbreaks would only come about 2 times a year but recently they started coming EVERY MONTH!

I felt very dirty, embarrassed, and ashamed. My husband tried telling me to "get over yourself, life's not about you" "you'd be so much happier if you could take the focus off yourself and just love others". All this is very real and true however never made me feel any better. I'd think, well you're not the one who has a sore on your lip.

Since trying the Herpes Blitz Protocol I have not had an outbreak in the last 2 months since completing the protocol. It was my daughter who convinced me to try it. She said “Mom, do it! What if it works? You don’t really have anything to lose.”

Even the scars left above my lip where I would frequently experience outbreaks seem to be healing! A deep repair facial mask that used to give me outbreaks when I used it has twice so far has not caused any skin disruption! I haven't gotten a blood test, but am sooooo hopeful it would come back negative.

I love that there's hope that I'll never have to use my virulite or any creams again. I never have to worry about being embarrassed or try endlessly to cover a weeping wound. The scars are healing and I'm so hopeful.

Kashka S. 38

Colorado, United States

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